Jessica was in the middle of something when she had the urge to pray for her sister. The urge was so pressing that she wondered and decided to pause what she was doing to ring her sister.

Jessica: Hello Tessy, how are you?

Tessy: Hi sis, I’m doing good, and you?

Jessica: I’m good too. Where are you?

Tessy: I’m at home. Why do you ask?

Jessica: Just asking. I just felt like calling you. Talk later. Take care.

Tessy: OK, sis. Thank you. Take care too. Bye.

Jessica got busy with what she was doing. In less than an hour, Jessica’s phone began to ring. The call was from Tessy, her sister. As she picked up the call, a strange voice told her of a tragic event to the phone’s owner. She was hit by a drunk driver and is dead.

Jessica screamed. “What! That’s not my sister,” she said. She immediately asked for the location, and she rushed to the scene. Oh! Tessy is gone and gone forever. Jessica could not be comforted. She recounted their last conversation and what led to it. “I killed her, I killed her,” she screamed. I didn’t pray when the urge came. I didn’t pray. I killed my sister. I killed her.

Many people are like Jessica and have behaved like Jessica in times past. You ignored the urge of prayer and replaced it with a call, excuse, or procrastination. In the end, you are left with regret and pain.

Never ignore the urge to pray or praise to avoid being prey to regret and pain.

Some tragedy, sin, etc., would have been avoided if we had listened and obeyed the urge to pray or praise from the Spirit of God.

A Gracious Woman never ignores the voice and urge of the Spirit of God.

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