Your 7 Responsibilities

A peaceful home is a home where the woman(wife) is peaceful. She does her husband good and not evil, she contributes to her husband’s good reputation, she takes care of her home and runs it well, she speaks wisely and calmly, she is a helper, a prayer warrior and above all she fears the Lord.

Remove such a woman in a home and watch that home become a house – empty and dry. A woman in a house is a builder, a maintainer and a helper. She has the ability and capability to build and maintain what is being built.
She is gifted in multitasking because she has the backing of ONE [GOD].

In Genesis 2:18 – And the Lord God said, it is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an HELP, meet (suitable) for him.

This was the beginning of a woman.

She was created to be a helper, companion and assistant to the man.
Once you are married, your primary purpose by God to your husband is to help him. Your 7 jobs of help are (Genesis 2:15-25):

  • Help him be the head in the home.
  • Help him dress and keep the garden (purpose and home) God gave him before He brought you both as one.
  • Help him eat (spiritually and physically) what he needs to eat.
  • Help him avoid and ignore the forbidden fruit.
  • Help him live and not die (lose his soul).
  • Help him by being a companion indeed to him.
  • Help him be in God always.

You are to help him, not to control him.
You are to help him, not to teach him.
You are to help him, not to insult him.
You are to help him, not to blame him.
You are to help him, not to frustrate him.
You are to help him, not to manipulate him.
You are to help him, not to de-motivate him.
You are to help him, not to scold him.
You are to help him, not to condemn him.
You are to help him, not to kill him.

And when you’re feeling so weak and demoralized in this journey of help, run to your Helper (GOD). He was the one who placed you there for the sole purpose of helping. Always ask your Helper for strength, wisdom, grace and joy as you carry out your duties.

Once you become a helper, watch your husband highly depend on you for everything.
As a Woman, you are so important, because without you, your husband is helpless.

A Gracious Woman is a Helper.

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