Voices in My Head

Let me ask you this; Are you a human being? If yes, are you living? Yes.
If that is the case, then know that your mind is alive too, and active. So never think it is abnormal if you start hearing voices in your head.
Also don’t think it’s abnormal if the voices are urging you to go the opposite direction from where you want to go or where you are meant to go.

Just as gravity works against anything that aims to go up, so will negative voices work against anyone who is headed up.
It could be voices urging you to compromise in different ways like sexually, urging you to lie, or take something that isn’t yours. But just because those voices are in your head doesn’t mean you have to pay heed to them.

Just as men have built mechanisms to defy gravity, you can do the same to defy those unacceptable voices. These include;

  • First you have to take root in the word of God (Psalm 119:9-11).
  • Don’t hold it all in. Sometimes you can never win against yourself, speak out and seek counsel.
  • Take decisions but be INTENTIONAL about it. If you aren’t intentional about your decision, you will watch it get dissolved in the heat of compromise.

If you are reading this now dear teen, you are not too young to take responsibility for the voice you will obey.
May God guide you every step of the way.

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