You Have Something to Offer

It was a crowd, maybe up to eight to ten
thousand people, gathered to see and listen to Jesus. How will the crowd be fed after days retreat? The obvious solution is to send the crowd home. But Jesus has another solution. From five loaves and two fishes enough food is miraculously provided to satisfy the hunger of all. John 6:9-13

I want to talk about the little lad with the five loaves and two fishes. He came to this retreat well prepared. Either he brought enough to sale as a business boy or he brought enough that would sustain him. Whatever be the reason, the key word there is preparation.

Preparation is a magnet to opportunities.

He was not ashamed to bring what he had to the public. When the Master (Jesus) had need of something to feed the multitude, the young lad was there to come to the aid of the Master.

After the crowd was fed, the Bible recorded that 12 extra baskets were miraculously filled up.
Do you think the lad went home with an empty basket? Absolutely No! At least he would have gone away with his basket multiplied.

When you sacrifice to the Lord with your whole heart, He multiplies what you’ve given Him.

Hello Teen, never look down on yourself and think you have nothing to offer to the Lord. You have a lot to offer. You have your time, intellect, talent and skills to offer to God. If you still think you have anything to offer, you do.
Offer Him your life. This is the greatest sacrifice. You will never regret it.

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