Mother, The King Maker

For there to be a king, there has to be a kingmaker, we know that.
He has to elect who should be the king. Samuel was one of such.
But there is a kingmaker that people neglect; THE MOTHER.

She is the unknown kingmaker who makes the king before he is elected by the known kingmaker.
Let’s see an example of that with Solomon; there was a reason why he wasn’t invited to the ceremony don’t you think?

This was because he wasn’t really acquainted with Solomon, Solomon was not always around him..
Where was Solomon? You will ask.
Solomon was always with his mother and father, constantly learning.

I don’t know if they hinted him that he was going to be king, but his mother took time to train him, keeping him as close to his father as possible because she knew that he was going to be the king and so she had to make him. So he was always in the chamber of the king.

Solomon didn’t ask for God’s wisdom out of the blue.
While the other princes saw their titles as merriment and commanding their father’s army, he who saw the real duties of a king was ready with his request when God met him.

To be a king, you must draw close to a king, and to be a Kingmaker, you must draw closer to the king and what better king to draw close to than the KING OF KINGS?

Mrs Bathsheba produced the greatest king on earth by drawing close to a human king,imagine what posterity you will produce by drawing close to THE KING OF KINGS.

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