You Complicate Life

Life is not complicated. Whatever you give life, you’ll get back no matter how long it may take. Live a real life that is free from hypocrisy, hate and envy. Such life attracts longevity, peace, good health and blessings from God and men.

It cost nothing to love but it cost a lot not to forgive and to hate. Unforgiveness is a killer of relationship and hatred is a destroyer. Why not channel your unforgiveness and hatred towards the offense and not the offender.

When you feed the offense, it gives birth to unforgivness and unforgivness leads to hatred.

Have you ever thought ‘if men were God‘ what would have been your present state? Will you be alive or dead? If you would still be alive, where would you have been? If mercy were at the hands of men, will it reach you?

She was caught in the very act of adultery and everyone wanted to lynch her until a perfect man who was in the form of flesh came through for her. He made them know they were free to do whatever they wanted to do to her, but it must be only those who are without sin.

Are you fast to condemn and spill out judgment on others? Please before you do, make sure you are perfect before God and man. Else you will be shooting yourself on the foot. As you are not happy with someone’s actions towards you remember there are a lot of people who are also irritated and not happy with you as well.

If you’re still breathing reading this, know that God whom you’ve offended more than a hundred times since you got to the age of accountability forgave and still forgives you.

If you are having issues in most of your relationships, then search yourself. You need a sitting of the Refiner on you. Just put on the right attitude. You can’t be a gracious woman and an unforgiving woman or a woman filled with hate at the same time.

Rather than sit and talk about the offenses of others towards you and get more people in your team to hate, you can convert your meeting to a prayer meeting.

Unforgiveness and hatred is for the immature. The mature run after virtues.

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