15th Dec. 2020 | Today’s Prayer


I am guilty Lord. Yes, I’m guilty. I carry with me offense and hatred in place of love and gracious virtues. My attitude towards others has been so hostile. I judge and condemn forgetting that I have hurt You in the past and even present. Yet, You have not cast me in the lake of fire. How ungrateful and insensitive of me!

Merciful Father, I pray You forgive me once more and replace every offense with understanding and every hatred, replace with love. Uproot these evil seeds and plant gracious seeds in me.

Grant unto me the opportunity to show those that have hurt me love.

As many that I have offended and who may be nursing offense and hatred in their heart towards me, please dear Lord heal them and uproot every hurt and hatred in them.

Thank You Lord for answering me in Jesus Name, Amen.

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