You Cannot Keep Him Aside

What do you want to be in life? A doctor, lawyer, fashion designer, farmer, teacher, nurse etc whatever you want to be you can by starting now.

If no one around is motivating you you can motivate yourself. Make a friend with someone who shares the same passion and desire with you.

You need motivation and a competitor sometimes in life to keep you striving for the better and best. Don’t be afraid of competition. Most times competitive spirit is very important to propel one to keep moving when channeled constructively.

Being motivated and competitive can transform you from a dull and uninterested student to an intelligent and interesting person. Motivation can be from your parents, siblings, friends, teachers or even strangers.

Sometimes in life you can be demotivated and uninterested about life and studies. What do you do when you feel such? Do you give in to your feelings and failure? When you give in, it simply means you have accepted defeat and cannot go far in life.

Set a time table for yourself and if possible get a study mate. Someone like passion as you. With the time table, a goal is before you. Every month write down what you want to achieve, the subjects and their topics you want to cover. Make sure you achieve something everyday.

If you want to be constantly motivated then do not neglect the greatest Motivator [God].

You can’t keep God aside and expect to achieve your dream and passion. You need Him`

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