Look and Go for It

Everyone desires to have a good relationship but only few know that keeping a good relationship entails sacrifice.

Before a strong relationship is built between God and you, there must be this desire that comes with hunger and thirst after Him. Salvation is not the only chain that ties you to God. Salvation is like an engagement ring to prove that you belong to God. Marriage is the main deal that seals the union.

When we get saved we don’t end there. We get married to God in the process. Getting married is one and staying married is another.

A lot of people today are married but are not staying married because of lack of negligence to what they can do to spice the home.

To maintain your relationship with God, while He does His part, you have your part to play. To keep the bond between God and you after salvation requires everyday reading His Word, Communicating with Him through prayer and doing His will.

As a married woman, you have a part to play in the success and growth of your home. Look for what can keep the sparkle alive. Look for what can bond you and your spouse and go for it.

I have discussed with women and men married for over 20 and 30 years plus and asked what bonded them with their spouses. They all had different answers. One of the women said praying and eating together. Another said praying together. Another said bathing together and praying. Another said evening walk-out and praying together etc.

You will notice a repeated word ‘praying’. Not that there were no challenges but they succeeded because of the bond between them.

Sex is not what keeps a union together but the bond they share. Look for what can bond you and your spouse and start today. It may look weird or new. Don’t worry. Go for it.

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