You Can Prevent It

He sat there, probably lost in thoughts.

Maybe he is rich, or maybe he is not.

Maybe he has a lot bothering him, or maybe he was just engrossed in happy thoughts.

Just maybe, but that’s not the point.

He simply sat there.

It was me who saw it. The mobile tablet sitting on his laps was in danger, it had no protective cover and was tilted in a dangerous way.

I was at the front desk, waiting to receive my was a room filled with people who were there for different reasons. No one else saw it except me. I didn’t know who he was and he was a bit far from me.

So I thought that someone else surely saw it  and the person would tell him. I don’t have to be awkward and speak loudly from across the room.

I wish I did, because as I looked on, I saw it silently slip off his laps to the floor. That was what caught the attention of everyone else. No one else knew, except me. I knew early enough to prevent it.

He received lots of apologies because the screen cracked in a big way. I left devastated and swore under my breath that I would rather be awkward than be guilty next time.

Don’t ever think that you are;

Too small, too big,

Too far, too near,

Too ignorant, too knowledgeable etc to offer anything to anyone.

It might have been you who was carved out on a particular day to prevent a disaster that could cost someone a lot.

If you are in a position to speak out, please be brave enough to. If you are in a position to take action, please be bold enough to. Please do not leave a place regretful, knowing that if you had done what your mind was urging you to, it would have gone a long way to help someone.

There might be a reason why you are the only one who sees the problem, and no one else did, so don’t wait for everyone else. You too can.

What seems like nothing to you may be everything to someone else.

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