The Reward for Waiting

Wait! One word we usually don’t like to hear.

Have you ever been asked to wait by a banker who should attend to you? How about starting a discussion with much enthusiasm only to hear “wait I’m busy.” Dispirited right?

I was at the embassy and while it was my turn to be attended to the officer asked me to wait. Gosh! How about cruising your car hoping to reach your destination real quick and then the red traffic light? Now you understand me better.

To wait is to delay in movement or action until the arrival or occurrence of something/someone. To delay in action in readiness of some event or time.

This tells us that whenever we are faced with the situation of ‘wait’, there is something else accompanying it. There can’t possibly be a total blackout after a wait.

We complain, murmur, get bitter and even give up because God has asked us to wait for a given period or time.

God asked Abraham to wait and Abraham trusted Him enough to know that after the wait, something must follow. Abraham waited for 25years (Genesis 12:1-2, 21:5) for the fulfillment of God’s promise. He never tried to smart his way through to facilitate the fulfillment of that promise except that he was pushed by Sarah, his wife to take Hagar (Genesis 16:1-2).

Zechariah and Elisabeth did wait for the promise of God. By the time it was fulfilled, the Bible recorded that they were both well stricken in years (Luke 1:7,13, 24, 36, 57).

Hannah waited for her own promise of God and was in pain and bitterness of soul.

God had shown Joseph that he’d be a great man but God asked him to wait.

May I be realistic enough to tell you that the period of waiting might be filled with mockery, sadness, tears, sleepless nights, questions, pain, bitterness, agony, low self esteem among others.

I am as well pleased to tell you that God takes care of the cost for those waiting times. Oh yes! What He does to pay for the period of waiting is to reward you with an original or a 7-in-1 son according to Hannah. He gives you a reward worth the waiting period because He understands that waiting is not a palatable course.

Consider a reward like Isaac, Samuel, John the Baptist, and the throne in Egypt.

Never engage in facilitating the promise of God prior to reaching the finishing line. The end result would be either an aborted reward or a premature reward.

If God has asked you to wait, beloved wait patiently with joy. Except He hasn’t asked you to wait then, waiting is at owner’s risk.

  • God pays for every second He makes you wait.
  • Alternatives can NEVER replace the original intention, plan or reward of God.
  • While waiting build the capacity to make maximum use of the reward to come.
  • Every delay equals an original.
  • The cost for waiting must be paid in full; I have never seen a debtor in God.

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