You Can Heal

There are many things that hurt in day-to-day life. As we live on, we can get hurt by either of these: 

  • The situation we find ourselves at the moment, 
  • the way we are being treated or feel we are being treated,  
  • the wrong things said to or about us, or done to us. 
  • the things we are looking for but unable to get, yet.  

Worst of all,  these things will not cease as long as we are alive. They are part of the ecosystem. They don’t have to change. Which means that in order to feel better, we are the ones who have to change. 

It is said that life is 20% what happens to you and 80% what happens in you(that is, your reaction to what happens to you).  So if you are hurting because of how life is treating you, you can heal, by yourself and for yourself. How? 

  • DON’T BE IN DENIAL: don’t excuse yourself, don’t victimize yourself. There is no smoke without fire. Admit to yourself that something isn’t right. Sometimes you will find a little fox nicely hidden in you, which plays a part in what is happening . I can’t name them all, you will know your fox when you search truthfully. Once you find it, don’t let it survive, don’t excuse it. Rather, kill it. keep killing it.
  •  GIVE PRAISE: Praise is wonderful, praise gives you more reasons to praise. It takes away the anxiety for what you don’t have, and replaces it with joy for what you have. And then it goes ahead to open ways for you to get that which you don’t have yet, and make you praise more.
  •  LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS: That thing you want from people is in your head, not theirs. So they don’t know. Only if you act it out, can it be reciprocated. 
  • GIVE OUT MORE: Giving heals, it heals much more than receiving. They don’t love you? Love them. Give to receive.

Healing can be deliberate but if you are finding it difficult, ask the GREAT HEALER.                            

  What has helped you heal? Share with us.

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