I am Love

Love! Love! Love!.

A word so easy to spell, pronounce and teach. A word love by all.

A word needed by all but largely misunderstood.

Hello girlfriend, I want to introduce myself to you.

My name is LOVE ❤️.

Honestly, I am so hurt because I have been gravely misunderstood by all both in words and actions. I feel like evaporating.

Everyone needs me because I am the ultimate in life. But only a few understand me. I don’t want you to make the same mistake. So I have come to tell you about me.

Without me, the world will still be shapeless, empty and covered with darkness. My presence was one major personality that beautified the world.

You see, my presence shapens, beautifies and brightens.

Let me tell you my personality :

  • I am a doer not a talker
  • I am caring
  • I am understanding
  • I don’t judge
  • I celebrate others’ success
  • I encourage
  • I pray for others
  • I leave people better than I met them
  • I easily forgive
  • I apologize when I do wrong
  • I am selfless

This is my true being. Not what that boyfriend/man friend is telling or showing you.

  • I am not a destiny destroyer
  • I am not a virgin stealer
  • I am not a heartbreaker
  • I am not darkness
  • I am not selfish

Girlfriend, any boy or man that tells you about me for the sake of what’s in-between your legs then, know that’s not me[LOVE].

Now take a pen and a paper. Write out all the names of your friends/associates.

Have you done that? Anyone who does not give your life shape, beauty or light should be struck out.

Shape: In your career and character, have you been influenced positively or negatively?

Beauty: Who has added virtues and value to your life?

Light: Has any brought you closer to God or moved you farther away from Him?

Don’t forget, I am not one-sided. Also, you must know me so as to give shape, beauty and be a light to others.

With affection,


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