You Can be Mr. J of the 21st Century

God told Joseph in a dream that he will be so lifted that the sun, the moon and the stars will fall at his feet in honour. He had always had that in mind as a teenager, he now knew where his destiny will find him. No matter who he interacted with, he knew what his future would be like.

His mentality could have changed to that of an elite, after all if he was going to become an elite later he could as well enter the character now, so that he would be used to it when it’s time. He even had the ability to interpret dreams, not just to dream them. Could life get any better?

Then his brothers who should bow to him threw him into a well and sold him to slavery.
He became a slave in a foreign land, serving someone who on a normal day should fall at his feet.; his wife even wanted to take advantage of him. And then he was unjustly imprisoned, an elite in the making. What an insult to his future!

Now he has to be interpreting dreams to former servants, turned inmates. Not even high profile people like Pharaoh, or even the prison commander. Gifts that kings and rulers would pay heavily to tap into being ‘wasted’ on a common inmate.
Imagine if Joseph had refused to interpret the inmates’ dreams, his own dream wouldn’t have come to pass.

His dream was divinely given – it was not given by man, but God himself; so, of course, nothing can stop God, no one but Him. God never told him all he would pass through to have the sun, the moon and the 11 stars bow at his feet.

Think about it: you can’t have the universe at your feet without working for it. God placed the key to the door of Joseph’s future in the hands of a butler and expected Joseph to find it for himself. That is the one way he can prove that he deserved the rulership that would come to him.

Dear friend, it could be that your dream coming to pass depends on you helping others dreams come to pass. Do not take anyone for granted and do not withhold help when it is in you power to do so. It might be that the person who will make you great has to step on your shoulders for that to happen.

If you knew that already, you would gladly offer your shoulders, wouldn’t you? But you don’t know and so you have to prove that you are worthy of greater things by being faithful in little things.

Listen and be humble because your destiny connector is not far from you.


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