The Unexpected

So I bought a very fanciful backpack made out of leather. This bag was so elegant and strong that anyone who saw it couldn’t hold back their admiration. It was of great quality and the stitches were strong when you felt them and so I was very confident that I had a backpack that was going to last for a long time.

One day, I was looking for what could go wrong, I wanted to see if I could do some supporting work on the bag so it could last long enough. I couldn’t find any single fault or weak ends. I was so happy that I congratulated myself again.

This bag was flawless.

Few weeks after I bought this backpack, I started to notice some edges wearing off, probably as a result of brushing against rough surfaces. It came as a big shock, I never saw that coming. I brushed it off but I got a message.

Sometimes, problems or challenges come when we least expect them. When we have our long term goals all planned out, it barges in without sympathy.
At the time you least expected, in a situation you least expected.

You had planned out the perfect life, the perfect relationship, the perfect marriage; so perfect that you couldn’t imagine what could go wrong. And then it comes, from where you never expected, and from the most insignificant things.

She that thinks she stands should take heed lest she falls.
Always watch and pray because the enemy sows while men sleep.
May God always give us the ability to keep watch and to overcome.

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