Yes, You Can Too

I was considering the book of Ruth and her action towards her mother in-law, Naomi, and in a few seconds the Holy Spirit dropped something in my heart. It’s indeed worth sharing.

He informed me that Ruth did not only cleave to Naomi because of Him(God) she knew through Naomi.

Naomi, together with her husband and sons had left Bethlehem to Moab for a greener pasture. Her sons took them wives whose names were Oprah and Ruth.

Few years later, something unfortunate happened. Naomi’s world crumbled. She lost her husband and two sons. What a tragic story.

Her daughter in-laws had to return to their father’s house but one decided to cleave. That one person was Ruth.

Ruth knew Noami was in deep sorrow and burdened. Leaving Naomi all to herself will amount to wickedness on her path.

She decided to bear Naomi’s burden of loss, tears, loneliness, pain and reproach with her.

Ruth was considerate, courageous, selfless, and most importantly empathetic towards her mother inlaw(Naomi).

Simply put, Ruth was a burden bearer.

The later end of Ruth was largely blessed because she bore another’s burden.

Sometimes the password to greatness, peace and breakthrough is simply an act of burden bearing.

Most times in life, forget your pains, tears, reproach, sorrows, shame, lack, disappointments and failures and look out for another.

Don’t forget Ruth was also grieving for the loss of her husband, she had the opportunity to return to her father’s house, to start a new life but she put her own burden aside to help bear another’s burden. What a gracious woman she was!

Ruth’s reward was breathtaking. She was handsomely rewarded by God. A reward we still talk about and ponder on. History has it that she’s the great grandmother of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ruth’s life was turned for good spiritually, maritally, financially and socially. Yours too can be like hers.

Instead of sitting and talking about one’s pain, agony, reproach, failure and sin, why not see how they can be helped.

Bear someone’s burden sincerely through prayers, financially and in other forms

When you bear others’ burden, God bears yours.

There’s no perfect time to bear one’s burden. The perfect time is now.

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