What’s Your Identity?

Dear Teens,

CONGRATULATIONS, you have come to that time of your life where you begin the process of building your identity. To show the whole world who you are called to be.

In search of your identity, don’t neglect setting your boundaries. Not setting your limit is a thief of identity, it makes you shapeless and faceless. Most importantly, it makes you unattractive and without integrity because it means, anyone can have his or her way with you.

Neither you nor anyone will be able to defend you should anything try to tarnish your image. This is because nobody knows what you can or cannot do.

In life, you meet different kinds of people, and what differentiates you from them is how far you can go, your choice of action in any given situation, what you will and will not do. They are your choices.

People will come to you with lots of expectations to meet. You will find yourself falling out of place and struggling to fit in and find out that the only way to do that is to go against certain rules you have set for yourself.

At those times, you must remain true to your boundaries, because that will be the building block of your identity. You need boundaries to keep yourself within the rules that make up the sphere of your identity.

You might think it would ward off loneliness to lose yourself while trying to fit in. But you will painfully realize that it’s lonelier when you lose your identity. The reason is that by the time you realize yourself, you would have gone so far from yourself. So far that you can’t recognize yourself and people will be scared to associate with you. They cannot trust you anymore.

Even God will be far from you. At that time, the loneliness and pain are almost more than you can bear.

So dear teen, it’s better to face persecution in the search of your God-given identity, than to be celebrated for who you are not.


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