Working Or Walking

Everyone can work for God but not anyone can walk with God. Working for God and walking with God are two different parts but most times we confuse both. 

Working for God requires your availability and time but walking with God requires more than your availability and time. It also demands your resources and self(ego). 

A proud person can work for God but it takes one who has allowed herself to be crushed in her to walk with God. 

God doesn’t select who walks with Him. The decision comes from You but He selects the path He will want both of You to walk in. 

God has different patterns in which He wants all selfless ones to walk with Him. 

Genesis 5:25, Enoch walked with God

Genesis 6:9, Noah walked with God

Genesis 17:1, Abraham walked before the Lord as instructed by Him(God). 

John the Baptist, how God wanted Him to walk was to go to the wilderness, eating the same meal, and declaring the same thing about repentance. Dorcas also walked with God as a fashion designer and as a helper of the needy. 

If you don’t still know God’s purpose for you in life then know that you are still working. A walker of God is one who has surrendered her life and all to God through His son Jesus. You can work and miss your way but you can’t walk and miss your mansion. 

You have yet another opportunity to give your life to God by accepting Jesus into your life. Be broken at the foot of the cross. Denounce pride and let God lead. 

You experience more changes and improvements in your life when you walk with God than when you work for God. 

God, reward a walker than a worker. 

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