Whose Seed Are You, Rebekahs’?

Whose Seed are You, Rebekahs’?

As you admire and wish to be like another, please drop their flaws. Don’t wish or pray to have their flaws. When praying to God be specific with the kind of blessings you’re expecting from Him.

Who is your role model in parenting, GOD, or Isaac(man)?

Let’s take a stroll to the book of Genesis. The parenting of Isaac and Rebekah.

Isaac knew the Lord, even the God of his father Abraham. He was a blessed man indeed. God blessed him and comforted him with Rebekah for a wife. They were blessed with two nations(twins). A blessing most people now desire.

These nations are the famous Esau and Jacob.

Two promising boys born into a family of love.

The reality of parenting dawned on them.

Isaac loved Esau more and expressed it. Rebekah loved Jacob more and expressed it.

The children(Esau and Jacob) knew who loved them more.

This was the beginning of failed parenting.

Favoritism was the introduced theme in the family.

Isaac and Rebekah blinded by the enemy kept playing the card of favoritism till their final breath. They sowed a seed that germinated.

Favoritism has destroyed and is still destroying families to date.

You show who you love more.

It’s normal that fathers tend to have a soft spot for their daughters. It’s natural but don’t make the other kids feel less important.

Favoritism by parents towards their kids destroys the family bond, siblings bond and creates a room for perpetual generational discord.

The seed of discord was planted by both parents and this was extended to the next generation

When you see a fruit growing or grown, don’t bother how it came about. Go back memory lane and do research. Either you planted the seed or someone else planted and you watered it.

Don’t be an instrument in the hand of the devil to destroy your God-given home.

Rebekah could have stopped that seed from growing. She never did. She played favoritism and it gave birth to deceit. She taught Jacob how to be deceitful and get his father’s blessing.

We are told in the book of Proverbs that a woman builds her home (Proverbs 14:1).

Rebekah destroyed hers.

Favoritism in a family gives birth to other sins.

Never show favoritism amongst your children no matter how talented, skilled, or well behaved they are.

Be very conscious and deliberate that your kids build bonds amongst themselves.

Isaac and Rebekah sowed a seed that continued even after they were gone.

Love your children no matter how unlovable you think they are.

Don’t forget even when you were unlovable, Christ died for you. Christ showed us love equally without favoritism.

So why do you express and showcase your favorite child?

Mummy, please kill that seed called favoritism before it kills your generations.

Favoritism =Discord

Ask God for mercy if you are a seed of Rebekah and tell him to right your wrongs.

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