Not Only Moses, I am too

No Only Moses, I Am Too

Do something today: Hug ? Mummy and Daddy whenever you see them. Tell them “thank you for not aborting me”. Some parents tried but God kept you because you are a project.

I know you may be sorrowful now because Mummy or Daddy is not there for the hug.

Not to worry. Open your arms wide and hug the best Daddy and Mummy in the whole wide world. Guess who? G O  D???.

Pharaoh commanded all male children to be put to death. This order was to be obeyed without delay.

Can you imagine the tears and sorrow that parents experienced? Can you imagine the flow of blood in that land?

Moses’ mother carried the pregnancy for months and on the due date she gave birth to him. The atmosphere should be full of joy, but no, it was full of sorrow.

The child was amongst those to be killed.

How pathetic that was!

Mummy looked and for the first time saw that her baby boy is a goodly child (Exodus 2:1-2). She immediately thought of an alternative plan, to hide the child.

She saw a bright future that she couldn’t comprehend.

This child was named Moses. Loved and cherished by Pharaoh’s daughter and the entire palace.

The star of Moses was dim while in the house of Pharoah. His goodly seed was covered. But the moment he aligned with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob everything about his life changed for good.

He was blessed with a family. (Exodus 2:21-22)

He had continuous encounters with God. (Exodus 3 and 4, Exodus 33: 18-23, Exodus 34:29-35)

He’s one of the few people in the Bible that influenced an angry decision of God. (Numbers 14:13-24)

Talking one on one with God was a way of life for him. (Exodus 33:12-17, Exodus 34:1-28,

He was a great and compassionate leader. (Exodus 14:1-31)

In his days, he was the meekest man recorded in Scriptures. (Number 12:3)

All these were possible the moment he aligned with GOD.

Hey baby girl, who told you that you are not good or that you are unintelligent, ugly, fat, short, too tall, poor and unattractive?

Did you believe that opinion?

If you did, then it’s because you are far from your source (GOD).

Moses was a goodly child but never knew although he was in a king’s palace.

Your status or background is never a hallmark to greatness. Your greatness lies in the Great Being.

My girl, you are a goodly girl. You will only know, see and experience it when you connect with GOD.

Let’s run to Him now.

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