Who is Your Connector

Lizzy made her usual prayer before stepping out to start the day. She needed a favor but never had anyone who could help so, she relied on God.

Walking into the office, her faith was still intact but then a few moments later due to the unfriendly tones of the workers, her faith in God dropped. “Can I really get what I need?” she said.

Few minutes later, she was called into the next office. While walking in there she kept praying and asking God for favor but still doubting if she was really heard. Her fears and doubts increased when she noticed how those who came like she did knew one or more persons that could help.

Lizzy was through with her appointment and was asked to go when an advanced woman walked in. She asked her (Lizzy) if she was through and Lizzy replied. She continued by telling her she needs a favour. Immediately, this woman who seemed to be the most harsh and unfriendly person in the office entreated to help. In less than 1hr 30mins, Lizzy was attended to and her favour was granted.

As she left the office building, someone asked her if she succeeded and she replied. He was interested in who helped her and who she knew. These were Lizzy’s words “God is my Connector and He went before me.”

When God wants to help you, He can use anyone irrespective of their friendly or unfriendly nature. Your duty is to pray and believe. Don’t think for God.
The Bible tells us that the heart of a king is in his hands.

Have you put confidence in man, money, certificates, your works for God rather than confidence in the Word of God? Don’t forget the arm of man can fail but God never fails. He wants total dependency on Him.


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