Who is He?

It is in our habit to call God names in worship each time we prayed. In the same way, I was telling God how faithful He is while saying my morning prayers and how much I trusted Him with my life and affairs. My heart was enlarged, a new understanding welled up in me as I rehearsed those words with understanding.


While this was going on, I heard a voice ask “Who Is God? The voice gave a few instances elaborating the personality of God. I opened a few chapters in the book of Job and then I saw I truly did lack a perfect understanding of who actually God is – for we know in part.


  • First, God is Supreme and self-existing – Job 36:26.
  • The personal fashion designer, stylist and makeup artist to the flowers – Matthew 6:28-29.
  • He is the interpreter of the voices of the ravens – Job 38:41.
  • The only one who has successfully entered through the gates of death and exited successfully – Revelation 1:18.
  • Gynaecologist to the fowls of the air and all animals – Job 39:1.
  • The one who beautified the ostrich and deprived her of wisdom still – Job 39:13-17.
  • Commando to the eagles – Job 39:27.
  • The one whose voice descends as thunders – Job 40:9.
  • He is decked with majesty and excellency, arrayed with glory and beauty – Job 40:10.
  • He looks at the proud from far away His throne and abase them – Job 40:12.
  • Having the ability to transform the gastrointestinal tract of a man into that of an Ox – Job 40:15.
  • He makes a way for the lightning of thunder – Job 38:25.
  • Leviathan stands before Him trembling – Job 41:2.
  • With him is no difference between the sea and a walking path – Job 38:16.
  • When mountains hear His voice they disintegrate – Psalm 104:7.
  • At the blast of His nostrils the depths were congealed in the heart of the sea – Exodus 15:8.
  • Our day spring from on high – Luke 1:78.
  • The trinity- 3 huge personalities in one – Matthew 28:19.
  • He wears light like a garment – Psalm 104:2.


The God who created the universe in all of its magnitude and creative details, He is neither hidden from us, distant or aloof.


  • He is the good and faithful shepherd – Psalm 23:1.
  • Nearer than the next heartbeat is He.
  • Having the capacity of speaking things into existence, not just galaxies and life forms but also solutions to today’s problems.
  • 70 X 7 times was the given number but beyond that is His mercy and forgiveness.
  • About His honesty, justice, faithfulness, love, compassion, tenderness, strength and care unrefuting.
  • Unlimited in wisdom, having ability to understand all the elements of a situation, including the history and the future events related to it.
  • He can never be updated on recent happenings neither can any give Him counsel
  • He is the breath of life from the very beginning – Genesis 2:7. P
  • Our own high priest, the guide of Israel and Salvation’s choice.
  • He is our kinsman and timeless redeemer.
  • A very trusted prophet, priest and king.
  • He is sovereign!
  • A true and faithful scribe.
  • He doesn’t just rebuild walls but lives also.
  • He is the courage of change makers like Esther.
  • He is our morning song, even the birds sing His name early enough.
  • He is the lover’s dream and the lover’s choice.
  • He engages peace by explosive mechanism; He is the prince after all.
  • The only stranger ever to show up in the fire: the fourth man.
  • The strong arms that carries all He brings forth.
  • He is the spirit’s power.
  • The first ever missionary, our strength and shield.
  • Never failing, ever faithful and ever firm!
  • The maker of armies out of the dry bones.
  • The clouds are His fastrack chariots – Psalm 104:3.
  • Our revival ist.
  • Hope of every pilgrim.
  • Our restorer and preserver – Joel 2:25.
  • The sun of righteousness rising with healing in His wings.
  • The Messiah of all living.
  • The Shepherd and Bishop of our souls – 1st Peter 2:25.
  • The raining storm and consuming fire.
  • He is the grace of God made sufficient to us.
  • He is our freedom from the curse of sin.
  • He is our glorious Treasure – the name so dear.
  • Faithful pasture and waters still – Psalm 23:2.
  • He is the one who flourishes us before our adversaries.
  • Holy and Righteous.
  • He takes up titles by reason of His doings – Exodus 17:15-16.
  • He is Yahweh! Bringing into existence that which has been.
  • Bright and morning star – Revelation 22:16.
  • Root and offspring of David.
  • Mighty deliverer – Psalm 18:17.
  • Defense of the defenseless – Psalm 5:11.
  • Architect of the universe – Genesis 1:1.
  • Lion of the tribe of Judah that roars in strength – Revelation 5:5.
  • He is the chief corner stone, elect and precious – 1st Peter 2:6.
  • Shinning armor of the saints


Ephesians 6:11.


  • He was, is and will always be – Revelation 1:8.
  • He is the Beginning and the ending – Revelation 1:8.
  • He is the starting line and the finishing line – Revelation 1:17.


These and many more are just the beginning of the search for who truly God is. Tell us in the comment section who God is to you.

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