Give Him His Room Now

You know one of the things I hate most?, it is having to go back to the house for anything after I have left the house. The moment I dress up and leave, if I have walked 50 steps away and suddenly remember that I forgot something, I NEVER go back. I get so infuriated, but I don’t go back. I simply start to pray that the house doesn’t burn down. I hate to go back because I would realize that the time I used to go back would have been used to go forward.

Today was one of such days. A few steps away from the house, I realized I forgot something so important that I can’t take the next step forward without it. Have you ever seen where anger ‘MEETS A THING CALLED you have no choice?’ It was a bloody battle. I went back to the house, calculating how far I would have gone if I didn’t have to go back.

Yes, optimism is to never look back at what you have lost and forge on. However, I am pessimistic today, you know why? Many of us are victims of unproductive optimism. We console ourselves by saying forget what you have lost, but we never take the corrective action. And so we keep losing.

Life is in phase, and so is our training with God. Once you have missed a step, you can’t go forward until you have successfully completed that step. And we have to work again to reach there. Imagine walking twice the distance only to find out that you just arrived at the place where you started. Also imagine where you would have been if you used that effort appropriately. This is what happens when we don’t commit ourselves to God, on time.

The moment you realize that you are the one delaying yourself, you will give God room to work in you. Starting now!!!!

Once you take away a cent from a dollar, it is no longer 1 dollar, but 99cents. Consequently,once you take from your time,your arrival time will never be the same.

Don’t  hide under the saying that ‘where a runner reaches, a walker will also reach’ when you know your delay is because you are running around in circles. Allow God to order your steps early enough so that you will reach your goals at the time He has originally set for you.

Hello dearest, give God His room now.

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