When You Know Who You Are.

While listening to the teacher who inspired me to write this, I pondered about this great woman. I want to talk about one of the most straightforward women in the Bible. 


She was so simple that she had no ambition or consideration for herself. Her simplicity made her focused on one thing and careless about every other thing. She was a  woman with a singular goal to follow Naomi.

Ruth was so simple that I don’t even know if she ever stopped to wonder who she was. If she did, she would have known that she was a strong destiny carrier. A carrier of relevance and greatness was in her. She just went about her daily life, and history was taking note.

She was such a person that whosoever associates with her comes into relevance. Whosoever ever rejected her became highly irrelevant, like the man who left her before Boaz took over. His name is not known to date.

Boaz and Naomi may not have been mentioned in history the way it was were it not for Ruth. She was the woman who would bring their names and legacy to light. If Ruth had done what Orpah did and turned back, that story might not have been. 

Dear Child of God, 

Do you know that you are a carrier of great destiny? Do you know that you are a person whose name, many other words, is tied?

Do you know that many lives are waiting to be affected by you? We must be very focused and straightforward-minded when it comes to our calling. We must diligently find out what it is and pursue it with focus and simplicity. We must not compound it by desiring what we see others doing or flowing with trends, thereby getting distracted and losing focus. A lost focus is detrimental not just to your life but also to the lives of those attached to yours.

We must know that our calling into greatness should be why we must mind our Association. Dinah came from a family singled out especially by God for distinction; coming from a family like that who has the direct promise of God, she was supposed to be nothing but superb, but her Association made her fall into irrelevance.

There are questions we must ask ourselves as children of God(

1. What am I here to do? Allow God to unveil all that He has deposited inside you.

2. In whose company am I? Your company makes or Mars you. Are you in the company of those adding to your relevance or those taking you away from it?

3. What about those in my company? Just as you are looking out for who is adding value to you, you must ask yourself if you are adding value to those around you? Are people better or worse when they leave your presence? 

If these questions don’t have the correct answer, then it’s not too late to run back to God so that He can align your life by His will for you because, Dear Child of God, you are an excellent destiny carrier.

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