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The Safest Place.

Presently, the world is passing through both natural and artificial disasters. Nevertheless, some countries are in the worst crisis. The hardship and insecurity cemented with bad governance are pretty alarming. The residents of these countries wish to relocate to another better country of their choice.

Everyone is searching for a better life in terms of security and financial stability. This has given rise to the drive of making money at all costs to have the life we crave for. Some people have gone into not just illegal businesses but businesses that encourage sinful lifestyles because of the quest for money.

There is no man without one challenge or the other, both children of God and unbelievers. But the difference is the calmness in the storm, the joy they express, the mercy from God they enjoy, the significant gain in contentment they have and the Word and presence of God that is a sure defence to them.

Some ‘Christian’ couples are now enemies of themselves. Some of these troubled couples wish to be divorced or are even divorced. Each partner is in search of a safe place because they feel threatened. The love has gone sour, trust is broken, and pride, bitterness, and irritation rule the hearts. 

Sometimes they wander in their thoughts. What went wrong? At some point, they even wish they were married to someone else.

Some Ministers and Children of God are now without fire as it was with them initially. They choose who they love and care for amongst their flock. The Church is sleeping because a cold breeze is thumping in. Malice, envy, slandering, selfishness, unforgiveness etc., is sweeping the Church. 

And at any revival meetings, there is a cry for revival.

The one thing that has caused chaos in the family; husband and wife, parents and children, sibling and sibling,  amongst leaders in the house of God, brethren to brethren etc., is the absence of dwelling in the safest place.

The safest place to be is in the secret place of the highest. In the secret place of the highest, there’s no hatred, bitterness, regret, lack of direction, purposeless life, lack of joy, no coldness, no prayerlessness, no gossip, no immoral lifestyle etc.

But the only people who enjoy these are those who dwell and abide. They are not for visitors but dwellers.

The safest place to be isn’t found in any country or being, but the safest place is called ‘The Secret Place of The Almighty.’

Are you a dweller or a visitor of this Secret Place?

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