When God Separates You.

Staying with the multitude is not always the best option. Sometimes with the crowd comes troubles and all sorts of problems. Also, with the crowd is where you land yourself into terrible mess. Sometimes, with the crowd comes limitations. You are limited from being used by God because your focus and attention are divided, and you are grossly distracted.

Most times, when God chooses to separate you from those distractions, He can do things in many different ways, some of which are unpleasant. For example, He could use hardship to separate you. Hard times tend to drive people closer to God. Other times, He could cause a division between some things or some people you care about. That feeling of loneliness and desire for connection draws you to Him.

When you feel God separating you, please do not be afraid or worried. There are many things He achieves through this process.  One of them is that He keeps us from troubles. In and out of the Bible, there are many instances where separation from certain environments has kept people from harm. The second is that it is an avenue for God to accomplish great things with you.

Joshua, a trainee with Moses, went up to the mountain with him. If he was down there, perhaps he may be forced to, if not enticed. He was alone waiting for Moses, who was speaking with God and was not with the rest of the Israelites. That saved him from partaking in the idolatry of Israel.

David was separated by default due to his profession while growing up. He often found himself alone with his sheep. This not only took him far from certain sins found among his peers but opened his eyes to a different perspective of life and God. He wrote many psalms and followed God in ways different from others before and after him. He was the man after God’s heart.

Joseph was one person who was separated the hard way. He was always maltreated by those he valued for reasons he was innocent of. Little did he know that God was simply repositioning him to be a life saver for his family and a whole nation, elevating his status and name throughout history.

Even our Lord Jesus himself had times of both voluntary and involuntary separations, all of which led to the grace and freedom we enjoy today.

The list could go on, but I am sure I have driven home to your mind a point.

There are times when you will feel so alone and depressed. You will feel left out in life. You would be neglected for a reason you don’t understand. You will feel cheated by life and God, and all hopes will seem far.

At that time, the longing for God should increase in you because this could very well be God’s way of calling your attention. It could be His say of being louder than the voice of passion, the murmurs of self-will, and the excitement of the world.

At such times, it is imperative to release yourself to Him as that is the only way you can find peace.

God does not want you to suffer but will sometimes allow you to pass through a phase of difficulty to launch you into more remarkable and better things.

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