What Time is It?

Anyone looking at the recent happenings and how things have been going knows that the times we live in are indeed dark. The times when the line between sanity and insanity is becoming non-existent. It is a time when those in error are bold while those getting it right cower in fear of disapproval.

There are so many obstacles on the path. There is chaos, confusion, and darkness, so we will not be able to handle it. And to succeed, we must seek the operation of a force greater than ours- the Holy Spirit.

This is a time when every child of God must realize that they need the presence of the Holy Spirit. We cannot navigate through these times by our strength of will or efforts alone, and neither can we do so with our wisdom alone. 

We cannot reach our desired goal by our speed alone because the enemy plants so many hurdles to stop or redirect us. The Spirit of God can align us with the right people and situations to make it to our destination and fulfill our purpose.

The need for the Holy Spirit can never be underestimated in every aspect of our lives.

Are you a wife or wife-to-be? This is a time when you need the Spirit of God to guide you to keep a godly and healthy home.

➡️Are you a mother or mother-to-be? This is a time when you need the Spirit of God to help you guide your children on the right path and their God-given path.

➡️Are you a leader? This is when you need God’s Spirit to guide you to lead right.

➡️Are you a teacher? You need the Spirit to teach you first. 

➡️Are you a Shepherd? You need the Spirit to speak life and encouragement to your flock, to heal and unveil mysteries to those under your care.

➡️In your career as a student or professional, you need the Holy Spirit because He’s capable of imparting an excellent spirit in you, teaching you all things that may seem complex, and granting you good success.

Whosoever you are and wherever you find yourself, please endeavor and determine to receive the Spirit of God because that is the only way you can succeed at this given time. 

The Holy Spirit is the only One unhindered by darkness or obstructions.

➡️Darkness?- The Spirit of God guides you through to come out victorious.

➡️The Red Sea?- The Spirit creates a passage.

➡️Goliath?- The Spirit can sink a stone in.

➡️Lions?- The Spirit can make them harmless.

Whatever it is you have lost over the years;

  • Salvation
  • Joy and peace
  • Godliness
  • Relationship with God
  • Wealth 
  • Marriage
  • Health
  • Sense of direction and fulfilment, etc

The Spirit of God can help you recover. But you have to seek Him in earnest. Spare no effort in seeking the Spirit of God because it is only when you seek that you can find.

Just as it was in the beginning, the Spirit is hovering, waiting to execute God’s plan for your life. It is up to us to allow God in or not.

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  • Chukwuma Emmanuel January 10, 2023

    I really the Holy Spirit to teach me all things that are really complex in my life and ministry grant me good success.
    Thank you Gracious Women for this episode

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