Hello Woman!

 Conversation between the Devil and his agents:

Devil: I’m sensing something is happening in the garden of Eden. Agent 23,  can you go and confirm what’s happening and bring me a word?

Agent 23: Okay, boss, I will.

Agent 23: Boss, your suspicion is correct. I saw a beautiful creature just like Adam, but there was something about this creature. I heard Man calling her Woman.

Devil: Ha! This is not a good sign. The Holy One never does anything without a purpose. I have to go and see for myself.

We are in great trouble. I have spied the garden of Eden, and I saw the beautiful creature called Woman by Adam. Her makeup is that of strength, wisdom, and kindness. Agents, she is a threat to us, and we are definitely going to have a battle.  If any of us underrate this creature, it is to our hurt because she is a God-made warrior. I saw her, and I felt threatened for the first time since our expulsion.

She will not enjoy what I’ve lost forever. Never! She needs to be taken out of the way, and I will ensure that is done. 

I will henceforth return to observe her and know what she does to enable me to strategize and strike without missing.

We must fight even if we die fighting. We are dead anyways since our rebellion. We must fight back without mercy because we were kicked out without a second chance.


We got her. They’ve been kicked out of Eden’s garden like we were from the Holy Kingdom. They’ve got a second chance, unlike us. Seed will come from her, and she will be multiplied upon the face of the earth.

Agents, our battle has just begun. I alone will not be able to fight because she will be multiplied. 

Let’s spread ourselves to the nook and cranny of the earth.

Our mission is to take her out of God’s will, purpose and presence. And it can only be achieved by making her Godless. We will disconnect her from the Holy One by using every tactic, trick, and distracting tool available. 

                  End of conversation between the Devil and his Agents.

For the devil to succeed in striking any Wo(man), he first observes what she does with her time, her conversations, her company, her relationship with God, and, most times, her alignment with God’s purpose for her. 

The devil’s first step is to make the woman Godless because he knows that she will cease to be a threat to him once he succeeds in disconnecting her from God. She instead becomes his captive and tool.

Hello Woman!

You are a threat to the kingdom of darkness. 

Your presence to man is a gift.

You’re the first god given to your children by God.

You’re so powerful that your voice and knees can prevent any soul from drifting and roaming.

With you, a generational curse can be broken.

Your worth is so great that after He made man, God saw you as the only creature that could complete His creation. Meaning, without you, man is incomplete, and all His creation is also incomplete.

You are not created to be passive but active in your endowed wisdom, kindness, strength, and nurturing ability. Most importantly, you are to function in your God-given purpose.

Your background, career, marriage, or children are not meant to silence you but instead encourage and support you to function in your responsibilities actively. 

Hello Woman!

You’re a light that should give light to others.

You are the salt that gives any life that comes in contact with you meaning, and, most importantly, you are an agent of preservation. 

You must know your strength isn’t displayed in arrogance and pride.

Craftiness, lies, and disrespect are not a show of wisdom.

Your kindness is not a demonstration of weakness but an expression of forgiveness, love, empathy, and honesty.

You are of influence and affluence.

You are a warrior and a repairer of breaches. 

Hello Woman! 

You can only manifest your true identity of Womanhood when you choose Godliness over Godlessness.

Your identity is in God, not in the world. 

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  1. Thank you Abba for creating me a woman. I receive the Grace this day to take charge of my territory on my knees. Never again will I drift from YOUR will for my life…Amen.

  2. I receive my creation with Joy, I know my worth in the life of my man, through my creation generations shall praise you…
    Thank you father
    This so lifting… More grace ?

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