What Does Jesus Expect From Us?


So it’s natural for us to tend to love people in our way, obviously because that is how we want to be loved and, by implication, that is the way we know and recognise them. But we know that true love seeks out the interest of the loved. And relationships where this is the case last longer than the former. 

Well, what do you think about Divinity?

Of course, it isn’t any different. God has mentioned several times in HIS word that to love Him is to obey Him.

When we say we love God, our lives and works must serve His interest.

Now, this is where many of us get it wrong. We choose when we’re and how we wish to serve God’s interest. Most times, we do His interest in our choice and making.

We must note that not everyone ‘working for God’ is serving His interest, and such work is not recognised no matter the dedication attached.

Two sisters, Martha and Mary, both loved Jesus very dearly. There was no questioning that. It was as evident as the light of the day. However, the way both displayed it was different from each other, and Mary’s form was accepted while Martha’s was not accepted.

Martha chose the way that she deemed best, while Mary chose the way that Jesus wanted.

Distracted by the need to serve Jesus, she missed out on what Jesus truly wanted.

Love for God isn’t primarily determined by the amount of dedication we put into His works but by the willingness to allow ourselves to be guided by Him on how to serve Him. This is the scariest part because He might lead us to what is not pleasing to us, and perhaps this is why we cover up by working extremely hard on what we have chosen for him rather than the reverse. 

If we truly love God, we must allow Him to work out true obedience and willingness inside us. Allow Him to show you how He wants to be loved by you. You will be happier about it in the end.

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