Let me refresh your memory on this woman.

She was sleeping with her brother-in-law unlawfully, and John confronted them about their acts, and she used her daughter to get his head on a platter. 

She was guilty of adultery, but she also, and worst of all, took advantage of her little one’s dependence on her. 

Today I want to address an alarming trend; many mothers, especially millennial mothers, think it is okay to live out the life they missed through their children.

I have seen this display itself in so many ways. 

A young mother using her children to steal,

A mother dressing her eight-year-old child in provoking outfits and modeling her, lashing out violently at anyone who spoke against it.

Women dress their children for birthday parties and play erotic songs allowing the children of both genders to dance together in an unbelievably erotic or immoral style while videoing and cheering them. And this is even found among ‘Christian’ mothers’

A mother lets her child drink alcohol and video it while cheering the child and acting like it doesn’t matter.

Today’s world is filled with many Herodiases who think it is okay to use their children to fulfill their selfish interests.

A woman is a molder. You have a substantial role to play in shaping your children’s future, the life they will live when you are no longer by their side. 

It gives me chills to imagine what society will look like 20 years from now because the most fertile minds of society are being fed with unbelievable corruption.

I have seen young unmarried girl recount their visions for their children, especially their daughters, and I marvel at the shallowness of that vision. There is no impartation of godliness or moral standard. It’s all about how they will dress them, keep their hair long, travel the world with them, etc.

You must remember as a mother that your child is not a tool to get what you want or to live out the lifestyle you believe you missed out on. That child has a life of their own and is dependent on you to shape their life and thoughts in preparation for that life. When you use that child for your personal or selfish interests, you risk planting a twisted opinion and impression about life, which is harmful to that budding mind. Trust me, that mind is so fertile that the evil seed you have planted would grow to become an uncontrollable thorn in your flesh shortly. 

Your vision for your children should be selfless and prophetic, and to achieve this, you must be in partnership with God to find out which path He has carved out for your child and aid that child to walk in it.

Dear mother, there is a God who entrusted that child to you. There is a purpose for which He made that child.

You will stand one day to account for all that you have done for that child. May you not be found guilty.

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