They Won’t Be with You Always

The first persons you opened your eyes to were your parents not God. That was how God designed it. Your duties towards your parents are the following:

Pray, pray and pray. Don’t pause praying for them. Bless them in your prayer, protect them in your prayer and hide them in God through your prayers. God answers.

Appreciate them always. Nothing they do for you is little because you cannot do it. “Thank you” is powerful.

Reward them no matter how little it may seem in your eyes. Don’t wait for their birthdays or anniversaries to reward them. Do it any day and anytime. It’s so comforting to their souls.

Enjoy their presence and words always even when rebuke. They won’t be with you always and you will miss them when they’re gone.

Never be ashamed of them nor look down on them even in their weaknesses.

Tell them how much you love them. Sing it to them, write it to them. Always say these words “I love you” to them. Don’t feel shy or weird about it. The truth is that they love to hear it.

Serve them with your love and care till their last breath.

Hello baby girl, after God, there is no love as pure as your parent’s. So, cherish them always.

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