The Foundation Matters

The whole family was processing their visa to relocate to the United States. They were known as the ‘proud family’ due to their relationship with others who aren’t in their class.

With excitement Anita who was between 12 to 14 years old came around to tell her friends the good news. Steve with joy said “one day I will visit the United States.” Anita on hearing that told Steve that America is not for people like him. Steve was sad and cried his eyes out.

Steve was a fatherless teenager who came from a humble background. Steve’s mum was a petty trader who was struggling to make ends meet. On the other hand Anita, was from a very wealthy home. Her Dad was a Doctor and her Mum was a Nurse.

Steve’s aunty saw him crying and was eager to know what happened. Steve narrated everything to her. She patted him at the back and told him not to worry that God will take him to the United States, and that Anita with her family may end up not traveling.

A few weeks later Anita’s family was denied visa for no reason. It’s over 18years now and they haven’t relocated.
Who do you think Anita got all those traits from? It is obvious. The seed produces after its kind.

Mom, as you train your kids, instill a good value system in them, respect and humility. Don’t raise a disastrous generation. Children learn more by action than words. Start early to build a solid foundation.

Don’t close the bright future of your child because of pride or character dysfunction.

You will surely give account to God how you trained the gift(s) He gave you.

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