There is Still Hope

He was such a beauty to behold. A goodly child and one born in due season. She was not expecting to be pregnant because she met her husband during her safe period and secondly, she had low chances of having a child due to health issues.

When God is involved, He can even bring forth a child from a dead womb like He did to Sarah. That’s my God!

The baby Prince was and is still a consolation to his mom. She showered him with all the care, love and discipline needed as the only child. As he grew, he became so wild and stubborn, coupled with the fact that he had a health challenge.

“How can she carry this load?” she always said to herself. Sometimes Prince would embarrass his mum in public and she would end up crying.

People around gave up on Prince. ‘What a child!’, they wondered.

She went to church one day and while the salvation message was going on, she began to cry. She wasn’t crying as a result of the message but out of amazement at the 18 year old teenager preaching. And she cried and said “there is still hope for my child“. Those 6 words became her prayer.
Years passed and she continued to hope, pray and fast.

Before Prince turned 12 years, while his mum prayed, she brought an argument before God. She remembered in the scriptures where Jesus began His ministry at 12 years old.
She prayed and cried to God that before his 12 years birthday, He ([God] should encounter him.

Few days before his birthday 1st of March, Prince encountered God and was baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Hello Mum! Are you discouraged over that child?
Have you lost hope?
Are you in regret?
Are you frustrated?

I bring you this good news… There is still hope.

Why worry when you have Jesus?
Surrender to Him wholesomely and completely.
You will smile and testify.

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