The Holy Bread

Let me briefly narrate the story that led me to this.
David was running from Saul, because he was sure that evil was determined against him for reasons that he doesn’t know. He ran and came to the priest named Ahimelech and requested for bread for him and his men, because they were famished.

Ahimelech looked for the normal bread people ate but didn’t find any, instead he saw THE HOLY BREAD. And that bread could only be eaten only by men who have kept themselves from women.
Luckily for David and his men, they hadn’t met with women because of their predicament.

What if David or any of his men secretly slept with a lady during their transit? He would have automatically disqualified himself from eating the bread.

A friend once said to me: “Listen to me, as for being great and relevant, you will get there. Don’t spend your time thinking that time will never come when you will get the opportunity to deliver wonderful stuff to those who will be dependent on you. But when that time comes, will you be ready? Spend this time now preparing for that time”.

You see, opportunity doesn’t always announce its arrival, neither does it always give you the time prepare. Sometimes it comes when you least expect it to. Are you praying to be a stage minister? It will definitely come, but how prepared are you to receive it?

Many people have lost the chance to become great because of unpreparedness or inadequate preparation.

You will ask; “How prepared can one be? Or how can one always be prepared?”
You do this by taking advantage of even the tiniest opportunities, see everything as an opportunity to improve yourself, and prove yourself faithful. When you are committed to even the most trivial things, then bigger ones wont be much of a hassle.

Don’t forget to cease every opportunity to learn. Study to show yourself approved and finally, ask God to always keep you ready.
Prayer: Father when all that is left to eat is the holy bread, may I be found worthy to eat of it.

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