The Truth I don’t Know

How does it feel to hold on to a truth you do not know? The end result would always be questions, doubts, regrets, indecision and hypocrisy.

Jesus rightly said “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” John 8:32. It is the knowledge of the truth you have within you that breaks the chains. Having the truth in your arms and being truly obedient to it but not knowing anything about that truth is a big irony.

 It is like a child who was told by her parents not to touch the fire and she adheres to it without knowing why. Someday, the breeze of doubt and anger will blow and she will be pushed to go contrary. Guess what? You guessed right, she of course will be burnt. That is the end product of ignorance.

Many people have gone against the truths they were exposed to either by their parents, religious leaders, mentors etc. Just because they are unaware that what they are holding onto is the truth that can bring about their salvation, miracle, deliverance, even fulfilment of their destinies.

For God’s sake this is a question age, a ‘why’ age, an era where people ask for even scientific rationale in order to justify whatever you have to give them as truths. So that they don’t make mistakes. This is the reason nothing is implemented in the medical society except it is evidence-based.

We witness a system rising against itself simply because of ignorance. When you are in possession of truth without adequate knowledge, you end up suffering even when you shouldn’t; you end up considering opinions that shouldn’t matter. The individual also ends up being toggled between voices, therefore increasing the chances of making the wrong decisions at critical moments.

Never make the mistake of thinking that you can benefit from a truth you don’t know even if you have them right in your palms. Knowledge they say is power. Only the knowledge you possess about that truth can trigger effects from it.

Many of us have the Bible (the Word of God) in our hands yet bound by chains of different sorts – ranging from chains of sin to chains of fear and death.

Why is it so? They are simply holding the solution but ignorant to tha fact that it is the solution to their life-long problems. How then can solution be generated in the face of ignorance? When matters get worse, they blame God, curse God, even threaten Him.

Romans 10 verse 8 tells us how near the Word is to us, even right in our mouths, but how can we use it effectively except we know this? Many of us are also familiar with the Word in 2Corinthians 10 verse 4 but each time we are faced with battles, we don’t know where to find this weapon  and how to use them.

We, out of ignorance, have turned the Bible to an empty box we carry about on Sundays and keep beside our pillows at night, because we are ignorant of the truth we even profess.

Jesus knew that there was this possibility so he didn’t just say the truth will make you free but you shall know it first.

So child of God rise up in faith and begin to seek knowledge of the truth for your salvation, deliverance, healing and blessings are nearer than you think.

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