Roses Will Bloom Again

We do not pray for bad things to happen, but we are in a world so wounded that it bleeds often, and sometimes, makes someone in it, at some place, for one reason or the other, bleed.

You bleed so much in your heart that the pain makes you want to hold your heart, crumble and just disappear. Things like that happen. And after that, nothing else matters, then you think “what else is there to live for?”

You have emptied your tear store, you have had all the sorrow you need to stick out your tallest finger at life because.. . “whatever”. Then you become a shadow, in black and white, with no color in your life.

If only you knew that all the colors ever created in this world were made to paint your life into a colorful story of love, joy, peace and satisfaction.

If only you knew that you weren’t made for situations but that situations were made for you, for your growth. Bad ones to make you stronger, and good ones to keep you refreshed.

If only you knew that somewhere above the universe, your Maker longs for your happiness, your trust and your permission to beautify you everyday.

If only you knew that these tears now are part of your Maker’s cleansing essence.  They flow into the heart, gather your sorrows and let them out through the eyes. That way, you see a brighter tomorrow. Just like the way a garden looks after the rain.

If only you knew that if you would trust God, and give Him your broken heart, He is the Potter whose interest and specialty includes making you glow. 

It’s easy, it’s on your knees, it is communion with God.

Roses will bloom again. ??.

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