The Silent Listener

It was a beautiful church service and Elena was so excited as usual. Although, she was so heavy and sorrowful in heart. She was glad like David the psalmist in the bible would say “I was glad when they said let us go to the house of the Lord.” That was also the case of Elena notwithstanding the situation of things around/within her.

It’s been 8 months that things became difficult for Elena and her family. Her husband’s employment was terminated, the house rent was long overdue, and feeding on the right diet was practically impossible. Elena felt as if her world was crumbling before her. She never imagined and wished for that phase of life. Of course, no one ever wishes to have unpleasant moments but then, life happens.

It was time for intercession and as the manner of the church is everyone stands up to pray. On this particular day, she was so weak to stand. During the prayer session, an usher walked towards her and demanded she stands up and pray aloud. She still couldn’t stand but sat down and kept whispering to the ears of her Father (God).

The usher got offended and wrote her a note. The note read ‘God is not your mate and can not hear a disobedient person’. Elena read the note after the prayer session and was more devastated by that. But she decided not to speak ignored with the Usher.

Guess what! Immediately after the service, someone who is a member of the church walked up to her and told her he had a message for her. He told her, ‘during the prayer session, I was led to open my eyes which I did. And the Spirit of God directed my eyes to where you sat and God said, I should ask you what you need?’

Mouth wide opened, tears began rolling down her cheeks unhindered, her body began to shiver as she demanded for a seat. She called for her husband immediately. Her request were; a well-paying and permanent job for her husband, payment of the long-overdue house rent, and repayment of their debts. Right there, this man brought out his chequebook, signed a huge sum of money, and handed the cheque to her.

Hey! When God gives you a blank cheque, utilize it. Do not pity God because He pities you and can never run dry of His resources.

Be nice to everyone because you don’t know how boisterous their storm is.

The following week, Elena’s husband resumed work in a multinational company as an assistant to his departmental boss, from the cheque they sorted out their house rent and paid off their debts.

Don’t be discouraged, He listens to your silent prayer because He is a silent listener.
Remember Hagar and Hannah.

In your very weak and dreadful moment still commune with God because that may be your day of miracle.

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