The Real CEO

Hello Beautiful, you cannot be certain about the next minute because you are not the owner of your life. You know this popular saying “I am the CEO of my life and can do whatever I want.” You can do whatever you wish to do, that’s true because God left in us the will power. But you are not the CEO of your life.

Maria would still be here, but she’s gone at 15 years old. Tell me about beauty, character, intelligence and a beautiful smile and I will show you Maria. She died of a chronic ulcer.
Few months before her death, her aunt told her the need to just live for God and give her life to him. If Maria did or not I wouldn’t know. She was just morally sound but then, morality cannot guarantee us a life with Christ in eternity.

Dear Teen, the Owner of your life can cease your breath now. He can demand you return and when He does no one and nothing can stand in His way. Not your parents, siblings, friend, sin partner, beauty, character, etc.

In all you do remember the only CEO of your life is GOD and not you.

Live a life that is Jesus-filled. Do not neglect the great invitation of Jesus. Remember, the poor die, the rich also die. The beautiful, good, wicked, smart, young, old, etc. they die too.

You cannot be certain of the next minute.

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