The Right Door

It was on a Sunday morning before 6:30am, I went to God’s house, my sanctuary.

I love to have some time with Him before service starts. That’s one of the best times, you could converse with Him while cleaning up the chairs or tidying up the place.

A young man usually came early, gets the key from the security personnel and opens the place. I arrived before him that day and the door was locked.

I went to the security room and knocked on the door but there was no response.  I called on the security personnel but there was no response either. After a long time, I gave up and found a corner.  After a while, I started to hear sounds from inside the church and knew that the door had been OPENED. As I went in, I found a young man inside.

I asked him how he got the key and “he answered from the security department.”

“But I knocked severally on their door and shouted their names without any response.” I argued

“Which door did you knock on? ” he asked

“The one at the secretariat,” I exclaimed. ”That’s the only one I have known since I came here.”

“No no no, you knocked on the wrong door, when next you come, knock on the door at the back, that was where I got the key.”

I said Okay and as I turned to go, and the whole scenario came back to me as a lesson. A question that is in my heart and in the hearts of millions of others:

“Why was there no answer? Where did I get it wrong? “

Before we go further, there is no denying the fact that God purposely delays some answers for reasons He usually show us later.

I don’t steal, I help people, I go to church early etc.

You just can’t seem to find anything you have done wrong, so you knock confidently because just like me that’s the only door you have known. But no answer.

Did it ever occur to you that it might be the wrong door? That the answer lies in another place altogether? That the Person who holds your key is in another place?

I would have blamed the security personnel if I didn’t get the key.  I would say “it’s because he wasn’t where he was supposed to be.” But he was there all the time.

A friend waited for visa for months, he prayed, we prayed, we cast, we bound, we almost swore.  Still no visa. Until he made just one promise to God, and his visa came almost immediately. That was his right door.

James 4:3 made us understand that there must be a reason we are not receiving.

Find your right door and knock on it.

It could be that God is not in the place where you are knocking, obviously not everyone who cries “Father!” is a child of God. Find where the Word of God is alive and go to Him.

My father taught us a few Sundays ago, that those little things that God uses our conscience and others to remind us are part of what is hindering our glory.

Dear God, we know that in one way or another You have been making our right doors  known to us.  Individually and collectively, help us to realize them and knock aright. And when we knock, Father please answer us.  Amen.

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