Burn That Fat

Many years ago ignorance made people think that the evidence of a good and healthy living is a big size. The fatter the healthier.

Junks and more carbohydrates and carbonated drinks were stuffed into the body.

Fast forward to today, being fat is viewed as being sick. No one wants to be fat again. Everyone strives to be fit. The young tries to maintain body fitness so as to flaunt it. Even the advanced in age still try to keep fit.

Almost everyone seeks how to burn fat. No wonder the increase in the consumption of herbal teas and food supplements. All for body enhancements.

The stress, time and money most people put into living a healthy life should be emulated. Without good health, money is vain. Now the saying is so true “health is wealth”. When you are healthy/fit you can achieve more.

Every believer of Christ desires to be Christ-like. They wish to speak, walk, and work like Him.

Don’t forget this saying “if wishes were horses beggars will ride.”

Ask those who have lost or in the process of losing body fat what their journey was/is like. None of them wished to be fit and folded their arms eating all the junks and sleeping for hours. They worked towards it physically.

No one wishing to be like Christ becomes so just by wishing. No! A lot of effort must be put in motion. They deliberately burn the fat in them.

You can’t desire to be Christ-like and still want to retain your old self. That adamic nature must be burnt away.

Everyone has an adamic nature they came with to this world. Discovering yours is one step to recovering yourself in Christ.

Some fat includes lies. I hear people, even believers differentiate lies as big and small. No Ma’am! Lie is lie. That fat needs to be burnt.

Yours may be anger, envy, bitterness, worldliness, laziness, prayerlessness, and so on.

It can be an acquired fat from your environment e.g company. Fats like masturbation, lesbianism, smoking and so on.

No matter how flexible a fat person is there’s still a limit they can run when out for a race.

Hebrews 12:1: Wherefore seeing we are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us”

You can’t attain that spiritual height you so desire by retaining those weights. That fat will weigh you down no matter how you rise.

How can you burn that fat to become fit?

  • First recognize that you are over weight.
  • List those things that constitute weight in you.
  • Come to the Cross with those lists.
  • Be broken and ask Christ for mercy and cleansing.
  • You must believe you are forgiven.
  • Check your association, do they need to be sieved? Ask God to hand pick your friends.
  • Daily read His word and commune in prayer with Him.
  • Engage in fasting and praying exercise from time to time.
  • Make inspirational songs your companion.
  • Don’t fail to feed your soul with daily delights from this blog.

Burn that fat else it will serve as oil to the fire that can burn you both here on earth and eternally.

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