The Real Wealth.

How to create wealth or be wealthy is a topic no one who desires wealth can be tired of. Sometimes we even pay for seminars on wealth creation. 

Everybody desires and needs wealth; even the wealthy crave more.

Wealth is seen as the value of all the assets of worth owned by a person, community, company, or country. Essentially, wealth is the accumulation of scarce resources.

When you read or hear about the story of the prodigal son, what comes to your mind? I’ll tell you.

You see a rebellious son. In other words, the prodigal son represents rebellion.

Prodigal means one who squanders money or resources or spends extravagantly wastefully.

We always judged the character of the prodigal son and, most times, used his character to speak to youngsters. We advise them not to be like the prodigal son, but unfortunately, many who have condemned his character have done worse than him.

The prodigal son went to his father to demand his share of his Father’s will, and he was granted his request. Immediately his father apportioned his will, he relocated to another country, and wasted all his resources without self-mercy.

I got something new while meditating and silently praying on the title of this article, “the real wealth.” While praying, the story of the prodigal son dropped in my heart, and I paused.

The prodigal son came to a point where he thought he could be better off without his family or any good relationship he would have built over the years. He felt that with his share of wealth from his Father’s will, he was self-made and, as such, would not need the help of anyone. He soon forgot that life is full of surprises.

The reality of life dawned on him when all the wealth he had acquired from his father vanished in a split second. He couldn’t reconcile who he was previously and who he was at the present moment. 

One moment, he was seated on the seat of grace, and the next minute, he was pinned to the grass. He realised the real wealth was his people.

When we view or think of wealth, we narrow it down to properties, but we often fail to recognize and understand that one of the most significant wealth is PEOPLE.

Many are struggling not because of the lack of money or assets but the lack of human resources. 

I have seen people in a mess or struggle with challenges they shouldn’t be in because their circle is empty of men with capacity. They, without wisdom, behaved like the prodigal son.

They left the men God gave them or brought their way. It could be due to some privileges they enjoyed or are enjoying, position, higher grace level, financial stability, marital status, or even due to relocation to a new place. They conclude they would not need them. They also feel and act superior to these wealth-humans, gradually reducing communication with them. This lack of communication eventually rips one off the wealth he should have.

While others lack this wealth because of their hostility, excuse-giving, nagging, irritability, pride, dishonesty, impolite attitude, etc., they forget that one constant thing in life is Change. They are unwilling to change.

Some others have missed their wealth as a result of insensitivity. They were insensitive to the times and seasons. They couldn’t detect when grace brought wealth(humans) to their path, so they missed out. 

Please don’t cut off the people you meet on your way up that were wealth to you because you may likely meet/need them on your way down(challenges). And also, don’t let misunderstanding and pride rip you of this great wealth—Apologise and change when you have offended.

Many of us have been wasteful with the human wealth God blessed us with our words, actions, attitudes, and pride. And if we desire this wealth again, then we must be like the prodigal son.

  • Apologise to God for all the human wealth He gave you that you wasted.
  • Call or write to any human wealth you have offended. That’s humility, and humility sustains wealth.
  • List out what contributed to the loss of your wealth. Resolve to take care of all on your list.
  • Be intentional, sensitive, and prayerful with regards

A man of wealth is one with resourceful humans in his circle. 

Don’t let your career, societal status, marriage, grace seat, or financial status rob you of the wealth of human resources God has positioned for you on the road to destiny.

As you desire to be wealthy, be a wealth to others.

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