The Gift of Hunger

Have you ever been hungry for anything? Have you been so hungry that nothing else really makes sense? If you never get hungry for anything, then there is a problem. If you don’t feel the need for anything, you must already be dead.

Hunger is the need for food, hunger is a strong desire for something. A desire strong enough to push you to do even irrational things in order to get satisfaction.

Hunger is two edged

I want to talk about the good edge. At some point in our lives we have experienced one kind of hunger or the other. And have done everything we can to satisfy them. That has brought us to where we are today because “what you are hungry for determines the path you take.”

Hunger gets things done even faster than obligation or sense of duty does. Hunger can open your eyes to things you never knew. Just like when there is almost nothing in the house, hunger will make you see that you can actually swallow or eat anything salty or even a half done meal.

Hunger is the need for more. That is because there is so much more to be done, there is so much more to get. If you think you have it all, there is always much more;

-More of Christ to know

-More of knowledge to get

-More of impact to make

-More inventions to make

-Much more, the list to infinity if hunger is channeled rightly.

Hunger is a fire that burns. It can only be quenched when you feed it. But it is insatiable though. If it wasn’t, current leaders would have made a way for the “Leaders of tomorrow.”

Lack of hunger is what is keeping us in our comfort zone. Because we aren’t hungry enough to be pushed onto our feet to act. Biggest culprit; the writer.

Father give me this gift of hunger, and may it be channeled toward making a great impact, to Your Glory. Amen.

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