Mothers Asleep

Then the mothers said

Disturb me not, for I am weary

Let me sleep for five minutes

When they woke up after five minutes

Their daughters had become mothers

And their sons, FATHERS.

They woke up and embraced GRANDCHILDREN,

And more generations who do not know

The ways of their blood

To a whole new world 

Where women are now female, men

And no longer MOTHERS,

A generation of strangers

Who takes plastic as a soulmate?

And fight against flesh and blood. 

Their sons turn into women.

And their fathers, fathers of their grandchildren

Please wake up, Mothers!

Your children cry out for you.

You are the breast on which they suckle

You are a strong force,

That brings sanity to humanity

Wake up, Mothers!

I know you are very weary.

From the burden you bear

Don’t ever think you are nothing

The world is hungry without you

Wake up, Mothers!

Five minutes is too long a time

For the jaws of darkness

Are right behind your children

Wake up, Mothers!

Look at the monstrous weeds.

That has grown over your home.

Wake up! We cry.

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