The Feminism In Eve.

I’ve heard people say that the first sin to be committed by man(Adam and Eve) was disobedience. But while meditating on Pride as a destructive tool, the Holy Spirit flashed the fall of mankind in my heart, and deeper insight was given concerning the fall of man.

The first thing that Eve considered in her discussion with the serpent is in Genesis 3 : 5 ‘For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as God’s, knowing good and evil’

The devil presented the same mindset of pride that was responsible in chasing him out of the abode of God, to be equal to God. And Eve fell for it. That was the beginning of mankind’s problem.

To be like God is what we all desire so as to live a life that will be a pleasure to Him, but not to usurp authority from God and take His place.

Pride has and will continue to be the undoing of man.

Have you wondered what gave birth to feminism? Wonder no more.

I define feminism to be when a woman is not satisfied with her God-given assignment but finds satisfaction in a serpentine-given assignment. Pride has birthed feminism against God’s desired will.

Eve wasn’t satisfied with just being a helper, but to also be equal to God was a driving force which drove her to her disobedience. She wanted to be in charge too. 

While Adam was about his God-given assignment in the garden, Eve was idle, and her state of idleness gave the serpent the privilege to talk her out of her assignment.

When you lack understanding about your assignment as a wife, you will be led astray by the serpent waiting for your unguarded moment.

Being in charge gave birth to curses and pain to mankind.

Today, we have a lot “Christian Women” who brag about feminism forgetting that real authority and power lies in femininity. Pride has destroyed and is still destroying homes because we have women who refused to understand their God-given assignment.

When you as a wife understand your God-given role as a helper, you will know that being a helper is not slavery but rather it means being in partnership with the higher HELPER (THE HOLY GHOST) which automatically means being in partnership with POWER.

Are you a wife? Then know this; God created you to help and to be a companion and not to be idle and be in control.

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