The Costly Apparel

In my University days, the two most common things among us ladies were ensuring we were doing well academically and dressing well (oh! We all loved to look so good). Just like we could remain in the library or stay up late at night in our flats to read, in the same way, we could save up to buy any good dress to look good. It was fun then.

When people dress in clothing that makes them feel good, it can positively affect their mood and self-confidence. Wearing clothes that they think are stylish or flattering can lead to feelings of pride and satisfaction in their appearance. This can translate into improved self-esteem and a more positive outlook on the day ahead.

Dressing well can create a positive impression on others and increase social confidence. When people feel good about their appearance, they may be more likely to engage in social interactions and feel more comfortable in social situations.

Ultimately, how people feel when they dress well will depend on their individual preferences and experiences. However, it’s important to note that everyone’s experience may differ. Some people may not place as much importance on their appearance or may not feel as much of a difference in their mood when they dress well.

There is a popular saying, ‘Looking good is good business.’  and ‘You will be addressed based on how you dress.’

I agree with both sayings because it’s been proven. We have one way experienced either of the both.

When you dress so well in that confident and beautiful attire, you don’t need to announce it with a microphone because you will definitely be noticed. In the same way, when this costly apparel is on us, people will see it.

As a Child of God, we have invisible apparel that should be on us daily as we journey through this pilgrim path. This apparel has been purchased for us already, so we do not need to save our earnings or upkeep to buy this costly apparel. All we need to do is ensure this apparel is always neat; there is no spot on it.

Once we sincerely come to God through His Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ, for the forgiveness of our sins, we are immediately pardoned and adopted as children of God. As this adoption occurs, we are immediately clothed with costly apparel bought from the Redeemed Boutique, purchased by The Precious Blood of the Lamb(Jesus Christ). 

This costly apparel does not wear and tear no matter the passage of time. To maintain this apparel is by constantly reading the Word of God, praying, fellowship with adopted sons and daughters of God, and having the fruits of the Spirit in you (Galatians 5:22-23).

Your character, not your status, tells your neighbour what apparel you wear. Maintain this costly apparel because it was bought with precious blood and not with a piece of paper.

Always wear this apparel with confidence and pride in whose child you are.

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