Are You Lost?

Sometimes we wander so far from what we know and find ourselves in unfamiliar territory where nothing is recognisable. No one knows where we are, not even ourselves.

 Have you come to a point in life where you don’t understand the things happening to you or how you are acting? Is your situation or circumstance different from what you envisioned or expected and what you know that God has promised you? Then, my dear, you are indeed in a foreign territory. You are indeed lost.

Listen, you may not be able to find yourself, and neither can any other person find you, but beloved, God is well able to find you. He is coming through for you to show Himself strong for you. Can you imagine that?

However, know that God does not find a person who doesn’t feel lost.

Don’t expect God to find you if you don’t feel lost. If you are comfortable in the strange place you have found yourselves or are not seeking freedom from those circumstances, God won’t make any move because His spirits do not strive with anyone. 

So what, then, must we do?

Just like a lost person pitches a shout to signal their location and needs help, we must call our Father to come and find us.

There are situations and states of life that only God can bring you out from: Our efforts can only get us so far, if ever.

 So dear friends, are you lost? Is the world of a burden you are carrying weighing down on you? Please do not shut your mouth, but cry out to God, for He is willing and able to help you.

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