Unloved But Most Loved.

Have you ever felt unloved, unwanted, or inferior?

Are you currently in a state where you feel unloved due to someone or people’s actions?

Relax! God wants to show you off.

You asked me, “show off; how?”

Let’s travel to the story of Leah. The daughter of Laban was married off to Jacob through deceit.

Leah was unloved. Her husband, Jacob, had no pretense about his hatred for Leah. He served her hatred daily, monthly, and yearly. He only noticed her presence whenever he was horny.

She wished she was attractive.

She wished she was beautiful.

She wished she was Rachel.

She wished her father never gave her to Jacob.

She wished Jacob loved her.

She wished someone else had married her.

Sometimes she wished she was not even born.

Leah was emotionally, physically, and spiritually traumatised.

God Almighty saw the activities playing in Jacob’s house and all the affliction of hatred suffered by Leah. He decided to bless her above her expectations.


Leah was blessed with children, including Levi (the priestly tribe) and Judah, whose lineage brought forth our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

The unloved became the most loved.

Most times, the people you transfer your energy hating instead of hating the activities of the devil and the devil himself end up experiencing honour and grace before your eyes.

God hates oppression in any form.

The one you hate may end up being your saviour like Joseph.

The one you hate may end up being your employer.

The one you hate may be your destiny helper. 

Are you unloved?

Have you drank, or are you drinking from the cup of hatred served you?

Relax! You’re so loved by God.

He will give you a voice and make you praised.

He will prepare a table for you in the presence of those that hate you.

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