The Barren Becomes The Mother of Promise

Whenever there is a situation that is barren in our lives, it signals the start or birth of a great promise. There is no barrenness when God is involved.

There is growth, growth according to God’s standard, not man’s, for a thousand days is like a day in the eyes of the LORD. There is an incubation going.

The growth of a promise like never before, the birth of greatness. An elephant and a chicken do not have the same incubation period.

Do you find yourself barren?, Do you see yourself in a situation that you have termed barren? Let me show you what happened to really barren people:

Sarah: The mother of all (Gen 18:10-12)

Not only was she childless, but she had lost all hope as she has approached menopause. That joy of having to carry your bundle of joy was denied her for years. Little did she know that a whole generation was incubating inside her.

Who was she to carry God’s own promise inside her? To birth a genealogy endeared to the heart of The creator. If only she knew that her womb far more superior to those she was envying. Sometimes, the birth of God’s people does not take 9 months but many years.

Manoah’s Wife: The mother of Samson (Judges 12:3)

Imagine you were told you would mother the strongest human ever recorded in history, a liberator. Of course you would agree to wait a little bit more, rather than birthing the ordinary. She never knew that a man of that kind of strength takes longer time to incubate.

Hannah: The mother of Samuel (Ist Samuel 1:1-10)

The first issue of Hannah (that is, Samuel) took a long time to incubate because he was a kingmaker. After that, her womb opened to birth many more. But the kingmaker was not made in 9 months.

So are you there and you think God is denying you something because it hasn’t come yet?

I want to share this good news with you. Something huge is coming your way.

Something that will shake your history and rock the world. Remember that the God you serve is not asleep.

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