Burned by Another’s Fury

So, I will excuse those men because they were obligated, being under the king’s command. I could say they didn’t have a purpose of their own.

Let’s talk about you, one who has been blessed with the freedom to love, to serve your own purpose. Go back a bit with me to this story and let’s see how much the fire of another’s fury has killed us many times .

The king felt insulted by the refusal of the Hebrew boys (Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego) to bow to him. The king was not those servant. In his anger, he heated the furnace seven times.

All these while, he had the Hebrew boys in mind, not those servants. He had an urgent need to destroy them and couldn’t wait to see them crash and burn. The servant on a normal day wouldn’t be bothered by who bows to the king and who doesn’t so, they were not even angry.


They met with death as terrible as the hatred of their ‘’king’’. And the target came out unscathed. The king’s anger died but those men never came back to life. The king became friends again with his ‘enemies’ but the men who executed his fury paid the price.

Does that ring a bell?

One of the preparatory steps to finding your purpose in God is to cease serving the purpose of another man. While one leads to satisfaction and long life, the other leads to self hatred and undue death.

You cannot please God and man. If your major interest is pleasing your friends or fellow man, then, be sure that you are already falling out of purpose with God.

 You are called to love not to hate. If anyone chooses to hate another, you should not inherit that hatred. The hater and the hated might come out unscathed but you will be burnt by that initial fury that wasn’t yours in the first place.

Get wisdom, get understanding, and above all, let this mind which was in Christ Jesus be in you.

I pray that your path to finding your purpose will not be clouded by the fog of another person’s fury. AMEN.

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