Sometimes You Lack These

She was told by the doctor that her baby boy has a psychiatric problem and as such be kept in a psychiatrist home. She cried but rejected the report and refused sending her son to a psychiatric home. He wasn’t better as he grew but worse by the day.

Jaden was always aggressive and his mom wasn’t taking it. She would always react towards her son when he misbehaved. She would even scold and hit him when at such times. Jaden’s mom became worn out because he gave her so much stress. Being a single mom, it was difficult for her.

Jaden beat up his teacher and did the same to his principal. His mom was really sick and tired of his attitude. One day he did something so bad and she gave him the beating of his life. While beating him she began to cry as the Holy Spirit scolded her. She was told by the Holy Spirit she lacks love and what Jaden needs was love.

Oh! She wept and wept for days. She thought she loved her son but realized through the help of the Holy Spirit, that she was far from love. She began to pray for the Holy Spirit to teach her how to love.
She was told two things to do for Jaden as a prove of love. They were prayer and patience.

Jaden’s Mum replaced hitting, shouting and ignoring with prayer and patience. She began fasting and praying for Jaden. No matter the height of provocation, she would never hit or say any rash words. She would just pray. While Jaden is sleeping, she would be up by his bedside praying and crying to heaven for a change.

No positive fruit was seen as she began to walk on this road of love. She never gave up and she was patient with Jaden and God. After six years Jaden’s situation improved a lot positively, and he also turned and gave his life to Christ.
There is power in prayer and being patient.

Will this generation have praying and patient mothers?
Will these generation mothers have and allow the Spirit of God, teach them?
Will this generation mothers weep for their children before God?

Children are gifts from the Lord. No child is bad. What we have is bad training. You cannot train a child without prayer and patience.

You know nothing about parenting till you allow the HOLY SPIRIT to teach you.

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